1. 200 Series
  2. Pure & Natural G A

200 Series

The newest introduction to the Magnasweet® product line is the Magnasweet® 200 Series. Magnasweet® 200 delivers the same proven masking performance with enhanced solubility at lower pH levels and improved initial sweetness. This product line is well suited for beverages using natural and artificial high intensity sweeteners.

Pure & Natural G A

These multifunctional ingredient add more consistent and appealing flavor to beverages and foods. They work well in a wide variety of berries, citrus fruit, red pepper, Tea, coffee and yogurt applications; just to name a few. Practical use levels vary widely from application to application depending upon the flavor found in a beverage or food. Generally speaking, only a few parts per million are all that is needed to modify a particular flavor. Because of their potency, however, "Pure & Natural Glycyrrhizic Acid" ingredients should be evaluated at varying levels to achieve optimal effectiveness in a given formulation.


The genus Glycyrrhiza includes about 20 species with G. glabra being the most recognized. The licorice plant is a legume, native to southern Europe, Central Asia, and parts of China. It is an herbaceous perennial, growing to 1 meter in height with an extensive branching root system growing horizontally underground. Licorice extracts and derivatives are made from the roots and underground stems of the plant. Also known as “sweet root”; licorice root contains Glycyrrhizic Acid, a natural compound 50 times sweeter than sucrose.


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