Baked Goods

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Magnasweet® Products are successfully used in a wide range of Baked Goods including Bagels, Breads, Glazes, Icings and Fruit fillings. Magnasweet® will enhance flavors used in baked goods to make them more appealing to consumers. Magnasweet® can mask bitter notes found in added ingredients, vitamins and nutritional supplements. It will also intensify sweetness in the product which may allow for a reduction in sweetener levels and thereby caloric content. The Magnasweet® products do not degrade under normal baking conditions and are very stable at high temperatures.

Modulate Sweetness
- Intensifies sweetness of Baked Goods to allow for reduction of primary sweetener

Masking Aftertaste
- Masks off-tastes from nutritional supplements, vitamins and other baking related ingredients

Enhance Flavors
- Enhances the overall profile of flavors which increases product appeal to consumers

Improve Mouthfeel
- Compensates for inherent chalky or rough textures by improving mouthfeel