Project Description

Chewing gum: A flavor that lasts

Consumer awareness of sugar intake and the associated health risks have increased the demand for sugar-free and reduced-sugar products. Chewing gum manufacturers worldwide have been using sugar free formulations for many years to deliver chewing satisfaction without the detriments of sugar based products.

A major international candy and confections manufacturer approached Mafco to improve the taste of its line of sugar-free chewing gum. Sugar-free chewing gums face two key challenges to overcome. They have bitter/metallic aftertastes caused by the high intensity sweeteners and they must provide lasting sweetness and flavor for an extended time.

The customer worked closely with Mafco’s technical staff to solve their challenges with Magnasweet®. Mafco’s Magnasweet® 100 Series product intensified and extended the gum’s sweetness and flavor. The result was a product improvement which helped the customer position their gum successfully against competitive products.

Today the market for sugar-free gums and reduced sugar gums far exceeds the market for sugared gums. The use of Magnasweet® in sugar-free and reduced sugar gums has been an important factor in the success of several high profile brands.

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