Project Description

Children’s chewable vitamins: Sweet medicine

Manufacturers of children’s oral medicines and supplements face the challenge of masking the unpleasant tastes associated with active ingredients and enhanced vitamins in achieving a pleasing taste. The success of any children’s cough and cold syrup or chewable vitamins depends on the product’s ability to deliver a pleasant taste children will enjoy consuming.

A major global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products company wanted to improve the flavor of their children’s vitamin tablets. They planned a brand extension to a successful line of chewable vitamin tablets with increased dosages of calcium and other vitamins. The elevated dosage levels also increased the bitter aftertaste of the product. This aftertaste made the chewable vitamins undesirable to children.

Mafco’s extensive experience with both pharmaceutical and confection applications with Magnasweet® proved effective in delivering a solution to the client that produced significant improvements in taste. As a result, the brand enhanced with Magnasweet® became one of the most recognizable lines of children’s vitamins in both Canada and the United States.

Magnasweet® is used in a wide variety of chewable medicines, cold and flu preparations, and cough syrups. Magnasweet® is a proven effective product development tool in applications where masking actives and enhancing flavors are required to improve the overall taste perception and consumer acceptance.

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