Project Description

Mask the off-flavors of stevia extracts in ready-to-drink tea beverages with Magnasweet® MM110F

The use of stevia leaf extract in food and beverage products is growing rapidly. According to Mintel Group data provided by PureCircle1, use of stevia in beverages grew by 11% in 2017, compared to 2016. There is a clear trend of decreasing usage of sucrose, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame, consistent with the growth in stevia sweeteners. But stevia extracts present flavoring challenges for formulators. Consumer acceptance has been slow because of a lingering aftertaste that has been reported as “bitter” or “metallic” but Magnasweet® MM110F is the perfect solution for masking these off-flavors.

The application scientists at Mafco have formulated a ready-to-drink tea beverage that meets the de- mands of today’s consumers to avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners and to reduce calories while main- taining an excellent taste. Magnasweet® MM110F provides masking for the lingering off-flavors of stevia Reb A 97% and potentiates the sweetness of the stevia.

Magnasweet® has a characteristic linger and sweetness that has been proven effective in masking the bitter and metallic off-flavors of stevia extracts, plant proteins, vitamins and even potassium chloride. Magnasweet® is derived from natural licorice root, is considered GRAS by the US FDA and FEMA, and can be labeled as “natural flavor” in the United States.

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