Project Description

Reduce Vanilla Costs in Food and Beverages Using Magnasweet® MM100G

Prices for natural vanilla flavors and extracts have been escalating since early 2017, when a cyclone hit Madagascar. In early 2018, prices have exceeded $600/kg (Michail 2018), nearly 20 times higher than a few years ago, and is now the world’s second most expensive spice, after saffron (Van Rosendaal 2018).

Magnasweet® is an effective solution for relief from high vanilla prices. Vanilla usage in formulations can be reduced by 15% or more with Magnasweet® MM100G. Magnasweet® MM100G is derived from natural licorice root, and is labeled as “natural flavor” in the United States. Magnasweet® MM100G amplifies flavor strength and duration, and can extend the flavor of vanilla or vanillin.

The Magnasweet® application experts tested vanilla reduction strategies by evaluating in sucrose solutions:

Target vanilla solution: 15% sucrose and 0.20% natural vanilla flavor in water
Test 1: 15% sucrose and 0.17% natural vanilla flavor in water
(15% reduction of natural vanilla flavor)
Test 2: 15% sucrose, 0.17% natural vanilla flavor and 0.003% Magnasweet® MM100G in water
Results: The vanilla flavor intensity of test 2 was the same, or slightly stronger than the target sample, according to internal panelists.

When used in combination with natural vanilla flavor, or vanillin, Magnasweet® MM100G can be highly effective in reducing vanilla usage by 15% or more, and with usage levels of Magnasweet as low as 30 parts per million (0.003%), resulting in overall cost savings.

For more information, samples, or applications support in vanilla reduction, please contact the Magnasweet® experts:
Syd Heese, Director of Magnasweet Sales at or 856-968-4011
Mark Hines, Global R&D Director, Magnasweet at or 856-968-4024

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