Many food, beverage and cosmetic products use high intensity sweeteners in their formulations to meet the growing consumer demand for reduced caloric content products. These high intensity sweeteners vary in sweetness and taste; however none are able to replicate the taste of natural sugar. The main problems in product development using high intensity sweeteners are a bitter or metallic aftertaste, and an initial sweetness that quickly dissipates.

The Magnasweet® line of products has been proven effective in solving these problems with high intensity sweeteners. Magnasweet®’s unique properties of masking bitterness and aftertastes, and sweetness intensification and prolongation are commonly used to help maximize the flavor and sweetness profile of high intensity sweeteners within a wide variety of applications. Magnasweet®’s slow onset of sweetness taste and prolongation of sweetness taste can help round out your applications sweetness profile while at the same time masking any aftertastes. Magnasweet®’s effectiveness at low dosages will enable product developers to more economically use high intensity sweeteners in many applications.

To learn more about specific sweeteners and how Magnasweet® can improve their performance please click on the sweeteners listed to the left.


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