Story 1. Stevia: The story of Magnasweet® 200

After the highly-anticipated approval by the FDA for use of Stevia Rebaudioside – A 97% (Reb-A 97%) in the United States, Mafco began developing natural formulations of Magnasweet® specifically for use with Stevia in preparation for its introduction into the carbonated soft drink (CSD) markets. Magnasweet® synergizes well with this new natural non-nutritive sweetener to provide solutions to Stevia’s development challenges.

Mafco’s Magnasweet® 200 Series was created to provide our customers with a solution to mask the bitter aftertaste, enhance the sweetness profile and recapture the mouth-feel lost in transitioning to Reb-A 97%. The added benefits of the Magnasweet® 200 Series in CSD applications is its high solubility at low pH and an improved initial sweetness which is lacking in the Reb-A 97% products. Magnasweet® 200 Series has proven effective in many applications so far and is a favorite product among beverage manufacturers seeking to use Reb-A 97% products in their formulations. Magnasweet® products have been favored in consumer tests and are substantially better in addressing the issues associated with Stevia based sweetening systems than other solutions offered within the industry.

Magnasweet® 200 Series is currently being used in several CSD applications, performance-enhanced waters, low-calorie flavored waters and in low-calorie sports drinks. Stevia based sweeteners are the up and coming development initiative for beverages worldwide. Mafco has also developed solutions for Stevia based sweeteners that will be used outside of the USA which are lower in Reb-A content but have the similar characteristics of undesirable after tastes, irregular sweetness profiles and a water like consistency.



Story 2. Toothpaste: Foaming for oral health

A large toothpaste manufacturer approached Mafco to help them develop a foaming attribute for their products that did not include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).  SLS is a surfactant commonly used in toothpaste as a foaming agent.

The customer wanted an alternative foaming solution to SLS because many dentists associate the onset of aphthous ulcers (canker sores) in the mouth with SLS.

Mafco’s Product Development team found a solution with a Magnasweet® Pure Derivatives Series product in delivering superior foaming performance while avoiding the use of SLS.

Magnasweet® can be found in a number of toothpaste products where it produces tight bubbles and a full foamy texture, masks the bitter aftertastes from active ingredients, extends and intensifies sweetness, and enhances flavoring agents commonly found in both toothpaste and other oral health care products.

Story 3. Children’s chewable vitamins: Sweet medicine

Manufacturers of children’s oral medicines and supplements face the challenge of masking the unpleasant tastes associated with active ingredients and enhanced vitamins in achieving a pleasing taste.  The success of any children’s cough and cold syrup or chewable vitamins depends on the product's ability to deliver a pleasant taste children will enjoy consuming.

A major global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products company wanted to improve the flavor of their children’s vitamin tablets.  They planned a brand extension to a successful line of chewable vitamin tablets with increased dosages of calcium and other vitamins.  The elevated dosage levels also increased the bitter aftertaste of the product.  This aftertaste made the chewable vitamins undesirable to children.

Mafco’s extensive experience with both pharmaceutical and confection applications with Magnasweet® proved effective in delivering a solution to the client that produced significant improvements in taste.  As a result, the brand enhanced with Magnasweet® became one of the most recognizable lines of children’s vitamins in both Canada and the United States.

Magnasweet® is used in a wide variety of chewable medicines, cold and flu preparations, and cough syrups.  Magnasweet® is a proven effective product development tool in applications where masking actives and enhancing flavors are required to improve the overall taste perception and consumer acceptance.

Story 4. Chewing gum: A flavor that lasts

Consumer awareness of sugar intake and the associated health risks have increased the demand for sugar-free and reduced-sugar products.  Chewing gum manufacturers worldwide have been using sugar free formulations for many years to deliver chewing satisfaction without the detriments of sugar based products.

A major international candy and confections manufacturer approached Mafco to improve the taste of its line of sugar-free chewing gum.  Sugar-free chewing gums face two key challenges to overcome.  They have bitter/metallic aftertastes caused by the high intensity sweeteners and they must provide lasting sweetness and flavor for an extended time.

The customer worked closely with Mafco’s technical staff to solve their challenges with Magnasweet®.  Mafco’s Magnasweet® 100 Series product intensified and extended the gum’s sweetness and flavor.  The result was a product improvement which helped the customer position their gum successfully against competitive products.

Today the market for sugar-free gums and reduced sugar gums far exceeds the market for sugared gums.  The use of Magnasweet® in sugar-free and reduced sugar gums has been an important factor in the success of several high profile brands.

  1. 200 Series
  2. Pure & Natural G A

200 Series

The newest introduction to the Magnasweet® product line is the Magnasweet® 200 Series. Magnasweet® 200 delivers the same proven masking performance with enhanced solubility at lower pH levels and improved initial sweetness. This product line is well suited for beverages using natural and artificial high intensity sweeteners.

Pure & Natural G A

These multifunctional ingredient add more consistent and appealing flavor to beverages and foods. They work well in a wide variety of berries, citrus fruit, red pepper, Tea, coffee and yogurt applications; just to name a few. Practical use levels vary widely from application to application depending upon the flavor found in a beverage or food. Generally speaking, only a few parts per million are all that is needed to modify a particular flavor. Because of their potency, however, "Pure & Natural Glycyrrhizic Acid" ingredients should be evaluated at varying levels to achieve optimal effectiveness in a given formulation.


The genus Glycyrrhiza includes about 20 species with G. glabra being the most recognized. The licorice plant is a legume, native to southern Europe, Central Asia, and parts of China. It is an herbaceous perennial, growing to 1 meter in height with an extensive branching root system growing horizontally underground. Licorice extracts and derivatives are made from the roots and underground stems of the plant. Also known as “sweet root”; licorice root contains Glycyrrhizic Acid, a natural compound 50 times sweeter than sucrose.


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