Project Description

Formulate great tasting BCAA powdered drink mixes with Magnasweet® MM100F

Bodybuilders and athletes are increasingly seeking beverages with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for more effective muscle building workouts. BCAAs are a mixture of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and are recognized for supplying fuel to muscle while working out, and improving muscle recovery, post-workout. However, the high doses of BCAAs typically consumed (5000 to 7000 mg per serving) present formulation challenges due to the bitter aftertaste and high content of the amino acids. Additionally, most of the commercial formulations are sweetened with artificial high intensity sweeteners which can also provide unpleasant, lingering aftertastes. Magnasweet® is an effective tool for formulating the powdered beverages mixes that deliver high amounts of desirable BCAAs. Magnasweet® has a characteristic linger and sweetness that has been proven effective in masking the off-flavors of bitter compounds, including amino acids, peptides and high intensity sweeteners. Magnasweet® is derived from natural licorice root, is considered GRAS by the US FDA and FEMA, and can be labeled as “natural flavor” in the United States. Magnasweet® is available in easy-to-use powdered form, used at very low dosages, and is highly cost effective. The Mafco applications experts formulated a great tasting powdered beverage mix using Magnasweet® MM100F and a highly dispersible BCAA blend from Pharmachem Laboratories. This formulation delivers 7000 mg of BCAAs when incorporated into 8 ounces of water.

Ingredient Control With Magnasweet
Citric acid 0.150 0.150
Acesulfame K 0.075 0.075
Sucralose 0.150 0.150
BCAA blend 2:1:1 97%1 7.000 7.000
Natural lemon flavor2 0.105 0.105
Magnasweet® MM100F 0.000 0.017
Total 7.480 7.497
  1. Pharmachem Laboratories , Kearny, NJ
  2. IFF Tastepoint, Philadelphia, PA

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