Magnasweet® INNOVATES | April 2020

Global Applications and Developments with Magnasweet that Address Today’s Market Trends.

HOT topic: Blocking and Masking Bitterness

  1. Magnasweet introduces new ease-of-use Bitter Blocker products to add to our current portfolio for managing bitterness in foods, beverages, nutraceuticals, nutritional and sports performance products.

Bitterness is a common flavor problem in the food, beverage, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries. Many bioactive ingredients derived from plant sources are bitter, often highly bitter.

>Magnasweet has been used extensively in the food and pharmaceutical industry for effectively masking off-flavors of compounds such as plant proteins, high-intensity sweeteners, and bitter compounds such as pharmaceutical active ingredients.

The INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Many food ingredients, including high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia, botanical extracts, hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids, plant proteins, and pharmaceutical actives have intrinsic bitterness and contribute bitterness to food, beverage, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products. Consumer acceptance of these bitter-tasting products is compromised.

>To address bitterness problems in the food, beverage, nutraceuticals, and sports performance industries, Mafco introduces two new ease-of-use Magnasweet products to manage and reduce bitterness:

  • Magnasweet Bitter Blocker S: Manage Bitterness of Stevia Products, from Reb A 50% to Reb M
  • Magnasweet Bitter Blocker N: Manage Bitterness of Nutraceuticals, Nutritional Products, Energy Drinks, Sports Nutrition, and Bioactives

The MAGNASWEET SOLUTION for Bitterness: Magnasweet products have a delayed onset and linger of the flavor profile, which is highly effective in masking off-flavors, particularly lingering off-flavors. The flavor is described as inherently sweet, with a mild licorice note. When properly dosed, it has proven successful in managing challenging flavor problems. Mafco has a wide range of Magnasweet solutions for bitterness.


This month:

  1. Blocking and Masking Bitterness: Magnasweet effectively masks off-flavors of various compounds.
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