Magnasweet® INNOVATES | February 2019

Global applications and developments with Magnasweet that address today’s market trends.

HOT topic: Hemp Protein Powders

  1. Hemp Protein Powder is hot! Magnasweet is a great tool to manage the earthy, grassy off-flavors of hemp protein in RTE (ready-to-eat) products.

Consumers are rushing to incorporate cannabis-related products, such as hemp protein powder in their diets for the perceived health benefits.

The INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Hemp powders and proteins are less refined than other plant protein isolates, and contain a relatively high level of non-protein components such as terpenes, fatty acids and lipids, minerals and fiber. These non-protein components can create strong off-flavors, often described as “earthy”.

>Magnasweet® is effective in enhancing and modifying flavors of a food or beverage as well as masking off-flavors. In this application, Magnasweet effectively masks the earthy and grassy off-flavors of hemp protein powders. 

This month:

  1. Masking Earthy and Grassy Off-Flavors in Hemp Protein Bars
  2. Trends We Are Seeing
  3. US Trade shows in March
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The MAGNASWEET SOLUTION: Magnasweet proves to be a key tool for formulating great tasting RTE hemp protein bars by masking the earthy and grassy off-flavors characteristic of less refined hemp protein powders while maintaining a clean label.

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