Magnasweet® INNOVATES | July 2019

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HOT topic: Vanilla Prices

  1. Magnasweet MM100G Can Reduce Vanilla Costs by up to 10-12% in Food and Beverages

>Magnasweet is an effective solution for relief from high vanilla prices. Vanilla usage in formulations can be reduced by 15% or more with Magnasweet MM100G. Magnasweet MM100G is derived from natural licorice root, and can be labeled as “natural flavor” in the United States. Magnasweet MM100G amplifies flavor strength and duration, and can extend the flavor of vanilla or vanillin.

The INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Prices for natural vanilla flavors and extracts have been escalating since early 2017, when a cyclone hit Madagascar. In early 2018, vanilla prices exceeded $600/kg (Michail 2018), nearly 20 times higher than a few years ago, making vanilla the world’s second most expensive spice, after saffron (Van Rosendaal 2018). Prices have dropped by only 10-15% in 2019, still remaining a costly food and beverage ingredient (Gelski, 2019).

This month:

  1. Vanilla Costs: Magnasweet can reduce vanilla costs in Food and Beverages
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The MAGNASWEET SOLUTION for high vanilla prices:

When used in combiniation with natural vanilla flavor, or vanillin, Magnasweet MM100G can be highly effective in reducing vanilla usage by 15% or more, and with usage levels of Magnasweet as low as 30 parts per million (0.003%), resulting in overall cost savings.

For more information, samples, or applications support in vanilla reduction, please contact the Mafco Magnasweet experts below. 

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