Magnasweet® INNOVATES | September 2018

Global applications and developments with Magnasweet that address today’s market trends.

HOT topic: BCAAs

  1. Sports Nutrition: BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) – mask the bitter flavors from amino acids in powdered beverages.
  2. Vanilla Prices: push back against escalating pricing of vanilla extracts and flavors with Magnasweet.
  3. Magnasweet Events: tradeshows for fall 2018

Bodybuilders and athletes are increasingly seeking beverages with branched-chain amino acids for more effective muscle-building workouts. BCAAs are a mixture of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and are recognized for supplying fuel to muscle while working out, and improving muscle recovery, post-workout.

The INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Amino Acids are Bitter but Users of BCAA Supplements Demand High Levels in the Products, Resulting in Flavor Problems.

Magnasweet is an effective tool for formulating the powdered beverages mixes that deliver high amounts of desirable BCAAs. Magnasweet has a characteristic linger and sweetness that has been proven effective in masking the off-flavors of bitter compounds, including amino acids, peptides and high intensity sweeteners.

This month:

  1.  Sports Nutrition: BCAAs – mask the bitter flavors from amino acids in powdered beverages.
  2. Vanilla Prices: push back against escalating prices of vanilla extracts and flavors with Magnasweet
  3. Magnasweet Events – Tradeshows for fall 2018
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The Mafco application experts formulated a great tasting powdered beverage mix using Magnasweet MM100F and a highly dispersible BCAA blend from Pharmachem Laboratories.

The MAGNASWEET SOLUTION: Magnasweet improves the overall flavor of powdered workout drinks with high supplementation of branched chain amino acids by effectively masking the bitterness of the amino acids.

HOT topic: Vanilla

  1. Sky-high vanilla prices – push back using Magnasweet.

The INDUSTRY PROBLEM: Crop Damage from a 2017 Cyclone in Madagascar and Speculation have caused very high prices and tight supplies for Vanilla.

Prices for natural vanilla flavors and extracts have been escalating since early 2017, when a cyclone hit Madagascar. In early 2018, prices have exceeded $600/kg (Michail 2018), nearly 20 times higher than a few years ago. 

Magnasweet is an effective solution for relief from high vanilla prices. Vanilla usage in formulations can be reduced by 15% or more with Magnasweet MM100G, resulting in overall vanilla cost savings of about 10-15%, depending upon the usage and cost of vanilla products. 



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