What are Polyols?

Polyols are a group of natural sweeteners also known as sugar alcohols or polyhydric alcohols. They are natural products that are generally less sweet than sugar in equal concentrations.

Where are they used?

Polyols are used mainly in applications where the bulking properties of sugar are needed but with reduced caloric value. Common applications include confections, ice creams and baked goods.

Application issues with Polyols

The usage of polyols in applications is complicated by their relatively low sweetness intensity. Thus, polyols are usually combined with a high-intensity sweetener to provide the necessary sweetness.

Magnasweet® Application Benefits

Magnasweet®’s sweetness intensity properties can be used to intensify and extend the sweetness in applications containing polyols. Magnasweet® is also effective in masking the bitterness and undesirable aftertastes associated with these other high-intensity sweeteners used in the polyol blends.

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